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PJ Harvey

This is a PJ Harvey fan-blog, assembled from photos, video, and audio from around the web.
Aug 24 '14


PJ Harvey, ‘Let England Shake' (2011).

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Aug 12 '14

We had the super-talented PJ Harvey & Ben Whishaw in the studio today. @NewYorker @PJHarveyUK
— 5A Studios (@5AStudios)
August 12, 2014

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Jul 13 '14

A small blog-birthday announcement

It’s been three years since I started this blog (July 12, 2011)!

I haven’t been so consistent with my posts, as you can see, but it’s been a great time. I first heard about PJ from one of my favorite modern musicians, Shara Worden/My Brightest Diamond. It’s corny, I know, but when I first listened to To Bring You My Love it was like my whole life transformed. When I began this blog, I was a baby PJ Harvey fan, and just searching around for content got me so much more immersed in her work. Running this page brought me into contact with a lot of cool people on Tumblr and I discovered so much other fantastic music, directly related to PJ or not.

In the past three years I’ve stopped tracking #pj harvey because I got sick of all the (a) pictures of PJ and Björk with Tori Amos cropped out and (b) Henry Lee video screenshots. And I was joined by another, blog-runner, daysofopenhand (shout-out!). I’ve kept returning to PJ’s music, albeit with some long breaks.

This ALSO means it’s been more than three years since Let England Shake came out! I hope this means we’ll get to hear a new album within in the next year!

Anyway, thanks a bunch, you all, for following this blog!

- lucystoners

Jul 13 '14

PJ Harvey at British Summer Time 2014


PJ Harvey at British Summer Time 2014


Jul 13 '14


PJ Harvey 2000

Jul 13 '14
Jul 13 '14
Jul 13 '14
Jul 11 '14



I’m so mad I haven’t found anyone blogging about how Pj Harvey is literally the best female musician since at least the later half of the 20th century. I would put her against every male musician since then as well. People only haven’t heard her because she’s much too original for anything mainstream but god dammit she is so good. Everything about her music is revolutionary and intelligent and feminist. I’ve never heard anything so good tbh
Like there are good male musicians who can sing heartbreaking songs but they don’t come close to what she’s done. There’s nothing all that new besides the actual music that people are putting out but beyond just her music, PJ harvey is seriously a revolutionary

I’ve been slacking on my PJ appreciation lately but believe, we exist

Jun 30 '14

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